Nintendo Ending Creators Program with Much Fanfare!

Nintendo's much controversial, and outdated, Creators Program will be shutting down at the end of December! Announced late yesterday and updated on their website this morning, Nintendo is putting out new guidelines for streamers and content creators that monetize videos utilizing Nintendo products.

The Nintendo Creators Program has been a questionable mess since it's inception. People who wanted to share "Let's Play" or quirky review videos had to register with Nintendo and be accepted into the program to have it monetized. Nintendo would take a portion of the ad revenue. In 2017, Nintendo clarified that the program did not include streamed games. Anyone streaming live off of YouTube, Twitch, or Mixer couldn't make any ad revenue from the event. It was a silly notion that many content creator's didn't agree with. But some signed up in order to maintain their audience and channel.

The new rules are more in line with Microsoft and Sony's policies. People are able to more freely share their videos of Nintendo games to be monetized. Unreleased products, videos that contain images of Nintendo items without commentary, or if the video does not meet Nintendo's "standards" are still subject to take down notices. Since we know Nintendo tends to be copyright happy and will throw down strikes at a moment's notice, how they will react to the updated guidelines will be the true test.