Fortnite's First Concert This Saturday!

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Today's story is again about Fortnite, but they are doing a new type of live event that you usually only see in Second Life. Datamined files found that the game will be hosting a concert with DJ Marshmello this Saturday at 2pm EST. Leaked images and details were posted on the website Fortnite News. A concert stage has been set up in Pleasant Park (a location in the game). If you jump into the game right now, you can see the stage under construction. Marshmello officially confirmed the tour "date" yesterday.

The event will include a skin, dance emote, challenges, and more. This isn't the first time Fortnite has held in-game events, but those were scripted content. Items and weird anomalies that players can experience for a brief moment and earn limited-edition rewards. Having a full concert that will span all servers with a musician playing live is going to be an interesting experiment.

The scholarly side of me is tempted to log in and experience this. Is the Park going to turn into a cease-fire zone? Are people going to continue playing the game while the concert is going on? Will the music take over the entire zone, or will the content be aired in dynamic range? We'll have to wait and see the live streams and follow-up videos to get the full picture of the impending chaos.