Geek Spot Update for May/June!

Hello Geek Spot followers, readers, and occasional passer-bys.

You've probably noticed that posts have been sporadic over the past few weeks. My new computer arrived and while I was busy setting it up, I noticed an unexpected issue with the sound card and audio/mic ports. Which required an unreasonable amount of troubleshooting and resetting to get resolved.

This severely impacted my limited free time with having to install, uninstall, and reinstall all of my necessary programs for a functioning machine. Needless to say, The Geek Spot, as well as Twitch and cosplay, took a backseat. Apologies for this. I'm still working on getting my new machine into order and will continue to post when I can. Hopefully the schedule will be back to order within a week.

Thank you for your patience, and happy gaming!