Nintendo Still Doesn't Get Online Gaming

Super Mario Maker 2 is coming out soon, and earlier this month Nintendo showed off online co-op and 4 player competitive mode. Which sounds great, until you find out that it's really not. While Mario Maker 2 will allow you to play online with strangers, you won't be able to matchmake with friends.

Yep. If you want to play with friends, you can only play the game locally. There is no way to start a game online with friends, nor create friend lobbies, nor add friends to an existing game. This news came from a Nintendo Treehouse representative during a press conference, further verified with GameXplain via Nintendo. You also can't matchmake to fill empty spots. I.E. if you want to do a 4 player game mode, and you have 2 people playing locally, the other 2 slots will not be filled. You're stuck with 2 players, unless 1 person leaves and you matchmake on your own.

For how much Nintendo boasted the online game modes for this title, they sure did make it a challenge to play with friends.

Nintendo. What are you doing? You know this is not how online works. You know that it's going to cause more ire among your fans. Even the most diehard will find fault with this system. Why? Because couch co-op isn't practical any more. We all have friends near and far. We all have busy lives being students and adults with responsibilities. It's surprisingly complicated to ask friends to come over and play games when we all have X, Y, Z to handle first. The world has shifted to online play. We can play when we want, where we want, when we have free time without having to worry about the schedules of others. While there is nothing wrong with couch co-op, it should never be forced. Only voluntary. Yes, it is fun to play with friends while you all are in the same room. But it's not a viable option.

Nintendo. Please stop restricting how people play your games. We want to enjoy them in every form possible. Including having online interactions with friends.