ThinkGeek Web Store Merging with GameStop

GameStop's "cost savings and profit improvement initiative" is underway, with closing down the ThinkGeek website. Their collectable and apparel investment will be merged into the GameStop site and relegated to a small tab, like so many others.

However the news was a bit sudden and both GameStop and ThinkGeek were a bit dodgy at first on the transition. ThinkGeek posted a 50% off Moving Sale over the weekend with no details. Both companies stayed quiet until late Friday. All 40 physical retail locations will remain active. If you have an account, use up your Geek Points. Any remaining points will be converted to a GameStop coupon. Think Geek gift cards can still be used in any retail store, GameStop store, or

The move was inevitable, but given that GameStop purchased Geek Net in 2015, it's surprising that the move didn't occur sooner. By shifting inventory over to GameStop proper, ThinkGeek's content can be streamlined with inventory and shipping practices that might have a better outcome for consumers. The website's pricing for shipping was questionable on some products, where as GameStop has more flat rate options.

Though ThinkGeek has been one of the few areas of growth for GameStop, the company is still not turning a profit like they once were. A week ago, GameDaily confirmed that ThinkGeek's marketing and website team were laid off. It's likely that many others in product development were as well. And with ThinkGeek's site rolling to, an entire office dedicated to ThinkGeek will be removed. Customer service, warehouse, accounting, janitorial, etc.

What does this mean for customers? It's difficult to say for certain what will happen. When "moving sales" like these occur, it's to help reduce the amount of inventory while product is shifted. It's much easier to move 20 boxes than 100. BioWare and Activision/Blizzard had a similar sale not long ago; no longer working with Treehouse Brands and moving to Jinx. While the initial offering on GameStop's website will be limited, in theory it should grow to accommodate what ThinkGeek use to provide. ThinkGeek still profits the company. If limits item availability, they're going to face backlash from consumers. A valid concern. ThinkGeek made a name for itself by being an oddity with nerdy items, while having a wide variety of content. Is GameStop planning to not only consolidate the website, but the products as well? Only time will tell how the company will play this out.

ThinkGeek's website closing date is set for July 2nd.