MAC Cosmetics Booth-ing at TwitchCon

If you weren't aware of it already, streaming video game platforms like Twitch, Mixer, and YouTube Live are really popular with anyone under the age of 30. Digital marketers and more businesses are steadily directing their budgets towards advertising on Twitch, and providing sponsorships to the biggest content creators for a few seconds of airtime. Even for those with Twitch Prime or having subscriptions to channels to avoid ads, you can't bypass them if they're built into the stream thanks to sponsorships and product placements.

While Twitch has promoted itself as more than video games (cosplay, cooking, podcasts, painting, etc.), the majority of views still lie with video games. What's a business to do in order to get noticed by the viewers? Target the content creators.

Which is what MAC Cosmetics is hoping to do at TwitchCon this weekend. The now-annual event will be hosting 3 days of meet ups, panels, content building classes, and streaming sessions of their most popular talent. MAC is hoping to make a name for itself by having a booth to help promote their products, and hosting a few streaming sessions with creators on how to get your face ready for webcams. They will also have demonstrations on site, giveaways, and application services.

Fashion brands have had to think outside of their comfort zone to attract a younger audience. Video games may not seem as a likely place to advertise, but titles like The Sims have proven there is a market with gamers. A number of us have spent years learning how to mod to import our own clothing designs and make-up options to our digital characters. To have real-world products available for purchase feels like a natural progression to us. Even though a $365 plumbob swimsuit is still an absurd price.

For those side-eyeing a make-up brand at TwitchCon, there is no gender to make-up. Anyone can wear it. Example: The Rock wears make-up every time he's making an appearance in a movie, TV show, or the rare wrestling match. His face is not that pristine and shine-free on it's own. No one's is.

Make-up has the ability to transform. But even the barest of applications can improve one's confidence. That moment of looking in the mirror and seeing yourself - "Holy crap, I look good! Let's do this!" It took me many years of cosplaying to understand how make-up can boost your self-esteem. For those streamers attending TwitchCon for the first time to start streaming, or long-time content creators will find a lot of use from the power of make-up.

It may seem like an unlikely booth at TwitchCon, but don't be surprised if you see more fashion brands and make-up companies appearing on your streaming service as digital marketers branch out to new platforms to sell ads.